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Why Our Clients Love Lopatize Group

We work with real estate clients of all shapes and sizes. We let the results speak for themselves

Jason D.

Port Lincoln, AU

Jason as a new Agent in Port Lincoln area wanted to increace his awarness he was relying on SOI and referrals. We run brand awareness campaigns and reached to over 48,000 people in his area. 60 of them became a qualfied leads.

Chapman Real Estate 

Katoomba, AU

Chapman-Real Estate Agency based in Australia faced a problem of low number of qualified leads. In only one month of implementing our system, we generated him 52 leads, and our concierge qualfied 17 leads.

Jenny M.

Indiana, USA

Jenny, a real estate agent who loves working with clients but just needed to get in front of more, tried other lead generation platforms, but they didn't deliver. Within 3 months of working with our team, she closed $56,000 in commissions from new deals.

Nik A.

Massachusetts, USA

Nik was looking for a system to get qualified leads without wasting money on an ineffective lead generation company. We managed to bring him 30 warm leads within the first month of working with our team.

Ricky T.

Missouri, USA

Ricky, a Real Estate Agent, was looking for a bulletproof system that would get him warm leads. We implemented our system, including landing pages, funnels, and follow-up systems, and our team managed to generate 22 new qualified leads within the first month.

Jon K.

California, USA

John, a successful Real Estate Agent from California, wanted to attract sellers in a difficult market. We managed to get him 3 new clients from 46 qualified leads within 3 months of working with our team.
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